BPMS Implementation

What is a BPMS?”


A Business Process Management System (BPMS) is a system that can automate your business processes. A good BPMS provides additional functions such as work portals, process analytics, activity monitoring & dashboards.


Implementing BPM
Centrum works with you to implement process change in your organisation leveraging process and software development best practice. Typically an improvement initiative requires some systemisation of some or all processes tasks/activities and is best achieved incrementally and collaboratively.


We have experience with the significant vendors in the BPMS marketplace, and with the supporting products, tools, and approaches that are often required – such as document management and document generation.


Methodology and Implementation approach
The Centrum BPM implementation approach is grounded in real world experience. It is based on our core principles of collaboration, continual improvement, and incremental delivery. The approach has evolved from:


  • BPM, Agile (Scrum), and other incremental delivery practices
  • Centrum Software Delivery Practices
  • Leveraging Lean / Six Sigma


Small, incremental steps get big results:

  • Get going earlier and build momentum
  • Measure and learn from each increment
  • Bank the Benefits earlier


Centrum help with establishment, mentoring, or end to end process implementation projects. Get going now, and start delivering benefits. Contact us to learn more about our services