Build Pipeline Plugin 1.3.0 Release

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New release

About a year after the last official update and after some unofficial releases, we are happy to announce a new release of the Build Pipeline Plugin.  This new version is meant to be more visual and responsive.  The release also includes a Build Pipeline Dashboard View to be used with the Dashboard View Plugin.  In addition, various bugs have been fixed and various features have been implemented.  We would like to thank our contributors and we hope this new release improves your experience with the Build Pipeline Plugin.

Pipeline version

Another thing we should mention is the build pipeline version.  Our initial intention was to display the Source Control Management (SVN, GIT, HG, etc) version of the checked out code of the first build in the pipeline.  This proved to be a challenge since various SCM plugins seemed to implement getting the SCM version differently and Jenkins SCM abstract classes did not seem to force SCM plugins to provide methods to get this info in a uniform way.  Furthermore, various users did not care for the SCM version to be displayed as the version of the pipeline and in other cases it simply did not make sense (if people checked out code at each build steps rather than use the clone workspace plugin).  Thus, following the example of one of our contributors, we simply used the build number of the first job as the pipeline version.  We felt that it simplified things from our end while still providing a unique number for when a pipeline was executed.  We hope that this approach will satisfy most users.

Release notes


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