Build Pipeline Plugin Release 1.2

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We are pleased to announce the availability of version 1.2.
The release addressed a few bugs and enhancements.

New Features

  1. Build Parameters Inherited by Downstream Jobs

  2. If the parent job has parameters defined, those parameters are passed down to all subsequent child jobs for manual jobs.  Note: an automatically triggered downstream job should use the parameterised trigger plugin to achieve the same…

Bug Fixes

The following defects have been resolved. Remaining defects are visible from the google code issue tracker (

Defect ID Summary
15 parametrized build jobs parameters are not inherited in downstream jobs from the same pipeline / parameters are expected to be passed through the whole pipeline
28 No support for views when running jenkins with JRE / JDK 1.5.
29 Exception getting git revision number.
30 Cannot view pipeline
32 Pipeline plugin not working with SVN either
37 Cannot view pipeline when using security


The documentation is available from the Hudson and Jenkins wikis.

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