BPM – where do you start

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When you are charged with making a difference, where do you really start? Can you really get something in, started & embedded in your organisation at a relatively low cost?


I think back to organisations I’ve worked with, and realised that’s exactly what I’d been brought in to do. And I knew what I needed to do & just started… I’m a bit stubborn that way, but it took time – time for the organisation to adapt to changed ways & time for real benefits to be realised.


If I’d not gone through the pain of doing things the hard way, I wouldn’t be where I am now, but I digress…if I could’ve found a roadmap, some kind of step by step approach that I could follow to get “done” faster – boy that would have been manna from heaven.


But if you don’t have the time, what do you do? Where can you get help?


Well, lets face it, money doesn’t grow on trees, and the boss will want to see something tangible that will really deliver what we like to call bankable benefits.  Impressing Finance with fast & lower cost ideas is the golden key!


These days, with the advent of the Cloud & Software as a Service (SaaS), our BPM jobs are made so much easier, so you can impress those who hold the purse strings. There are good people around who can give you that roadmap and have the skills to help lighten the load…you just have to find them, right?

Neo4j Tutorial Sydney 21 June

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Join us  for an introductory tutorial covering the core functionality of the Neo4j graph database. We will show you how to build a Neo4j-backed application with plenty of hands on practice! Plus we will walk through what you need to know to get started with Neo4j and the fundamentals of graph modelling. You can find out more and register here



Centrum Systems and CloudBees announce Partnership

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Centrum Systems are pleased to announce our partnership with CloudBees in Australia. Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees brings enterprise robustness to Jenkins, the leading continuous integration (CI) tool. Centrum offers our  specialist services and support together with Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees to optimise end to end software delivery capability for our customers.


We work with you to incrementally increase the performance outcomes of software development, build and deployment processes demonstrating tangible value along the way with visible productivity and efficiency uplift.


Find out more here and view press release



Build Pipeline Plugin 1.3.0 Release

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New release

About a year after the last official update and after some unofficial releases, we are happy to announce a new release of the Build Pipeline Plugin.  This new version is meant to be more visual and responsive.  The release also includes a Build Pipeline Dashboard View to be used with the Dashboard View Plugin.  In addition, various bugs have been fixed and various features have been implemented.  We would like to thank our contributors and we hope this new release improves your experience with the Build Pipeline Plugin.

Pipeline version

Another thing we should mention is the build pipeline version.  Our initial intention was to display the Source Control Management (SVN, GIT, HG, etc) version of the checked out code of the first build in the pipeline.  This proved to be a challenge since various SCM plugins seemed to implement getting the SCM version differently and Jenkins SCM abstract classes did not seem to force SCM plugins to provide methods to get this info in a uniform way.  Furthermore, various users did not care for the SCM version to be displayed as the version of the pipeline and in other cases it simply did not make sense (if people checked out code at each build steps rather than use the clone workspace plugin).  Thus, following the example of one of our contributors, we simply used the build number of the first job as the pipeline version.  We felt that it simplified things from our end while still providing a unique number for when a pipeline was executed.  We hope that this approach will satisfy most users.

Release notes


Centrum Systems offers BPM training courses

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BPM Fundamentals training courses delivered by Centrum Systems’ Consultants will help you introduce the concepts, practices and methodologies of Business Process Management to your teams. We offer two publicly available courses which we run regularly for people who are new to the BPM journey. If you are initiating a business process improvement program in your organisation and need help to build knowledge, alignment and capability quickly these courses are designed as a practical guide to get started on the right track.


BPM Fundamentals, Introducing BPM to Your Team is a half day course designed to help individuals and teams who have not participated in a BPM initiative before and need a high level understand of the core concepts and principles. It will assist stakeholders understand the benefits of a BPM approach and how those benefits might apply within their own business.


Initiating your BPM Project is a full day course which assumes a good understanding of the concepts and principles of BPM.  It is designed as a practical guide for participants who are planning BPM implementation projects. It addresses both business and technical aspects of a BPM program at a high level. Drawing on specific experience, it highlights the key considerations which need focus early in order to establish a platform for success.


Find out more or register here

Centrum Systems Announces Partnership with Appian

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We at Centrum are committed to providing independent, specialist end to end  Business Process Management consulting and implementation services across Australia and New Zealand. We think our holistic approach combined with real, hands-on experience supports customers to achieve incremental and sustainable improvement outcomes no matter what the size or complexity of their business.


We mix expertise and a passion for continuous process improvement practices with in-depth technical know-how. We drive, implement and guide optimal, measureable change within businesses. This is what we are best at.


We are pleased to offer these services to support customers of Appian’s leading enterprise, mobile and cloud-based BPM solutions. Centrum and Appian will work together to deliver the right people, practices, operational framework and technology in a pragmatic and collaborative partnership with our customers.


View Press Release

Centrum Systems Announces Partnership with Neo Technology

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Centrum Systems is pleased to announce we are partnering with leading NOSQL database supplier Neo Technology ( to provide services to support the implementation of the Neo4j product for customers in Australia and New Zealand. Centrum will provide a range of services including training, implementation support, POC, architecture and integration services for customers of Neo4j.


Neo Technology delivers the world’s leading high performance, scalable graph database and Centrum is excited to be supporting businesses that are leveraging this technology in the Australian marketplace. We can see that master data management issues, the strategic importance of social networking and the increasing complexity of enterprise networks all call for a re-think of how customers handle their growing volumes of inter-connected, ever-changing data.


We will bring our experience implementing enterprise systems solutions combined with our deep, Java-based technical know-how and passion for achieving quality business outcomes to a wider group of customers to help address these challenges in partnership with Neo Technology.

Build Pipeline Plugin Release 1.2.2

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We are pleased to announce the availability of version 1.2.2.
The release addressed bugs.

Bug Fixes

The following defects have been resolved. Remaining defects are visible from the google code issue tracker (

Defect ID Summary
42 Renaming pipeline jobs breaks pipeline
47 Build Pipeline View cannot display full downstream projects
48 Downstream parameterized job picking up upstream settings


The documentation is available from the Hudson and Jenkins wikis.

BRIEFING: Delivering Better Software (Tests as a Communication Tool)

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Come and join us for drinks, socialising and a special presentation
This will be a really informal session, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and interact. If that doesn’t sell it to you, how about the FREE DRINKS??

The Talk

Completing the circle: Automated web tests, ATDD and Acceptance Tests as a team communication tool

Acceptance Test Driven Development, or ATDD, has proven to be a very effective technique, both for driving and guiding development, and for enhancing communication between developers and other project stakeholders. But why stop there? Well designed Acceptance Tests can also act as a formidable documentation source and communication tool. Indeed, when written in a narrative, BDD-type style, Acceptance Tests have the potential to document in detail how the user interacts with the application.
In this talk we will look at the role of automated Acceptance Tests not only for testing, but also as part of the whole development lifecycle, from writing the user stories right through to deploying the application. We will also look at ways to make your automated acceptance tests more expressive and how to use them more effectively as a communication, reporting and documentation tool.
Finally, we will present and demonstrate a new open source library that helps developers and testers write automated acceptance tests for web applications using WebDriver/Selenium 2. This library also produces clean, narrative-style reports illustrated with screenshots that effectively describe the application’s functionality and behaviour, as well as any regressions or pending features.

The Speaker

CEO of Wakaleo Consulting, John is an experienced consultant and trainer specialising in Enterprise Java, Web Development, and Open Source technologies. John is well known in the Java community for his many published articles, and as author of Java Power Tools, and Jenkins: The Definitive Guide.
John helps organisations around the world to improve their Java development processes and infrastructures and provides training and mentoring in open source technologies, Test Driven Development (TDD, BDD and ATDD), Automated Web Testing, SDLC tools, and agile development processes in general.

The Begging

A fascinating subject that should give you some great ideas and techniques to take back to your team.
This is our first joint event and we’d really appreciate your support. We’ve booked a big room and need to fill it! PLEASE BRING YOUR FRIENDS…


Thursday, June 23, 2011 from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM (GMT+1000)


Combined Services Club (upstairs)
5-7 Barrack Street
(Cnr of Clarence, next to Officeworks)
Sydney, New South Wales 2000


So complete the free registration at:


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We are pleased to announce the availability of version 1.2.1.
The release addressed bugs and enhancements.


  1. Retry Failed Jobs

  2. If a job in the pipeline fails, the job will now display a “Retry” button. This allows the user to retry this job, with the parent build remaining as the trigger and continue the build pipeline.

  3. Restrict the Trigger Button to the Latest Build

  4. When configuring a build pipeline view a new option “Restrict Trigger to the Most Recent Build” has been added.
    If set to “Yes” it will only allow the most recent build pipeline to display a “Trigger” button.
    If set to “No” all builds displayed on the view will have a manual trigger button.


The following defects have been resolved. Remaining defects are visible from the google code issue tracker (

Defect ID Summary
33 plugin interfering with job renames/deletes


The documentation is available from the Hudson and Jenkins wikis.