Centrum Systems offers BPM training courses

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BPM Fundamentals training courses delivered by Centrum Systems’ Consultants will help you introduce the concepts, practices and methodologies of Business Process Management to your teams. We offer two publicly available courses which we run regularly for people who are new to the BPM journey. If you are initiating a business process improvement program in your organisation and need help to build knowledge, alignment and capability quickly these courses are designed as a practical guide to get started on the right track.


BPM Fundamentals, Introducing BPM to Your Team is a half day course designed to help individuals and teams who have not participated in a BPM initiative before and need a high level understand of the core concepts and principles. It will assist stakeholders understand the benefits of a BPM approach and how those benefits might apply within their own business.


Initiating your BPM Project is a full day course which assumes a good understanding of the concepts and principles of BPM.  It is designed as a practical guide for participants who are planning BPM implementation projects. It addresses both business and technical aspects of a BPM program at a high level. Drawing on specific experience, it highlights the key considerations which need focus early in order to establish a platform for success.


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