Moving the Measures

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At Centrum we like to say we’re the folks our clients come to when there are some measures that haven’t been moving (and they want them to start moving and move in the right direction)

We call this Moving the Measures and its a mantra we use to guide us in creating powerful and enduring relationships with out customers.

So what do we mean by Moving the Measures?

One of the things that comes up from time to time in conversations with clients, as a Case for Change is built, is some flavour of…

I can see the value you guys bring but when my colleagues ask “How come we are using consultants; why don’t we just do this with internal resources or specialist contractors?” I’m not sure how to answer their question

This is a really great question that deserves a closer look.

Filling the Gap
Specialist contractors are a great source of additional capacity and skills that can be used to augment what’s available from internal resources and bringing on specialist contractors is a great way to provide what’s needed to match a demand for additional capacity and/or fill a skills gap.

Moving the Measures
When Centrum talks about Moving the Measures what we are talking about is getting to the source of what it is that has the measures a client wants to move, actually move and move in the direction the client wants them to move.

So although what Centrum brings to an engagement includes process, skills, know-how, experience, tools and technology, the context in which this expertise is delivered is the context given by the commitment we have co-created with our clients to move the measures our clients care about as part of the engagement.

Moving the Measures is something Centrum is passionate about!

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