What We Do

Our consulting services are based on the melding of collaborative, continual improvement approaches with innovative thinking.


Business Process Management (BPM)


We are specialists in delivering business process improvement


Centrum fills the gap for dedicated business process management (BPM) consulting in an environment where alignment of an enterprise’s goals, stakeholders, capabilities and resources is critical to achieving on-going business process improvement outcomes. We have a reputation for bringing a collaborative, disciplined and outcome-driven approach to help organisations deliver rapid, incremental and effective business process change. Request an information pack


Software Delivery Mastery (SDM)


We are specialists in software delivery process improvement


Centrum has extended the methodologies and skills acquired from our hands-on BPM delivery experience to drive Software Delivery Mastery (SDM). SDM is a targeted service offering which provides the capability to significantly improve your software delivery process. We understand that software delivery must be considered end to end in order to optimise the process flow and enable the technical teams to consistently deliver responsive and predictable outcomes. Request an information pack




Centrum Systems offers tailored BPM training services for our clients that help you initiate your program and build stakeholder team skills, knowledge and capability.

Course Offerings are:


  • BPM Fundamentals
  • Initiating your BPM Project


Request an information pack to learn how Centrum can package a training curriculum for your business