Business Process Management

Technology enables; BPM drives improvement

Our team of BPM specialists are passionate about using BPM to incrementally deliver sustainable business proces improvement to your organisation.


Centrum Systems helps you achieve operational agility through a holistic approach to Business Process Management (BPM).We understand that BPM is not a one-off linear implementation, but a lifecycle of phases. Each phase has its own set of practices and disciplines that are essential to optimising processes against performance outcomes. We help our customers determine their roadmap and then build momentum throughout the lifecycle with consistent, incremental delivery demonstrating measurable and meaningful business gain.


Centrum recognises that BPM is a management practice. Whilst Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) and other technologies are powerful enablers, the long-term success of an improvement initiative is dependent on the correct use of these technologies within a framework of continual improvement.


How we work with you: The Centrum Systems BPM Lifecycle

Our team is committed to achieving outcomes for your organisation. The Centrum BPM approach is pragmatic and recognises that no organisation is the same. Our methodology focuses on the major BPM lifecycle events:


  • Process Discovery
  • Process Design
  • Improvement Implementation
  • Monitoring and Measurement
  • Identification


These lifecycle events are supported by two core practices which are the keys to building an all-of- business framework.


  • Enabling tools and technologies
  • Establishing BPM Foundation Practices including Operating Model, Governance and Technology Selection and Establishment


BPM Lifecycle