Process Design

“Process Design – defining targets and utilising the best tools”


Centrum understands that BPM is not a one-off, linear process, but a lifecycle of phases. Once the baseline processes are mapped in Process Discovery, we can define the “‘to-be” process(es) for your organisation and determine the target metrics.


Centrum uses a range of tools including specialst BPMS tools to assist organisations identify and optimise business process improvements. We can recommend the best approach and tools for collaborating on process design which may become part of an overall strategy to manage sustainable business process improvement. .


During the Process Design phase Centrum works with you to:

  • facilitate design workshops and playback sessions
  • simulate processes and analyse end to end business impacts of proposed designs
  • define target metrics for measuring success
  • plan the delivery increments which will deliver the highest impact process improvements as early as possible


Adapting Process Discovery to your organisation
Centrum recognises that organisations are at varying levels of BPM maturity. For this reason, we adapt our process discovery services to the needs of your organisation. We break process discovery down into three levels of detail and work with you to determine what level you are at and then tailor our services accordingly. Regardless of where you start, we always review any material that you have already produced to ensure that there are no gaps. Understanding your business is our priority in developing an overall BPM strategy that works for you.