Process Discovery

Unite thinking and target your opportunities


The need to accurately describe and document existing business processes is a key to BPM. It Serves to:


  • unite the organisation in its operational thinking, and
  • provides the right place from where ‘bluebird’ opportunities to harness early and significant benefits can be clearly identified


Identify a clear path forward with Centrum’s collaborative approach


Centrum’s approach to Process Discovery combines top down and bottom up analysis.

We help you:


  • Identify the Process Landscape
  • Capture and validate your existing (as-is) processes and process hierarchies
  • Document and validate the process metrics and trace to the target business outcomes
  • Map the processes using specialist process discovery tools supporting the appropriate notation based on your organisation’s needs
  • Identify how the processes truly work end to end
  • Identify the areas to target for improvement


We adapt our process discovery approach depending on the maturity of your organisation.