Software Delivery Mastery

Transforming the software delivery process for leading Australian organisations


Software Delivery in organisations is complex. Centrum appreciates the software delivery process if often plagued by:


  • Cost over-runs
  • Schedule slips
  • Quality issues
  • Pressure for market beating innovation
  • Time to market expectations
  • Reduced Investment


Enter Software Delivery Mastery (SDM)…

SDM is Centrum Systems’  unique targeted service aimed at optimising the software delivery process for some of Australia’s largest IT departments. We work with you to improve your software delivery process, increase your organisation’s responsiveness, predictability, velocity and improve the value from your existing investment.


SDM identifies your goals, checks the process effectiveness and increases your ability to deliver quality software on time and on budget. We take you on a journey of unrivalled improvement supported by key metrics which visibly demonstrate results and provide the platform for improvement to continue over time.