Release Management

Release Management

Having a fast, consistent and fully automated build process provides you the foundation for a strong lifecycle.
More advanced and value add techniques can be built up from a base of a well implemented build processes and can:


  • Free up resources from manual repetitive tasks and allows more focus on value-add activities
  • Reduce build logic duplication – tools such as Apache Maven reduce the amount of plumbing logic required in your build process
  • Increase re-use of logic across projects because common tasks are defined “out of the box” 
  • Manage dependencies using tools such as Maven or Ivy to manage and govern the use of third party libraries
  • Give you the ability to confidently recreate any version of a system


Centrum believes that the quality of the end software is closely related to the quality of the process that delivers it.
We partner with you to:

  • Establish best practices, standards, tools and processes
  • Migrate from legacy build tools to more contemporary tools
  • Implement recommendations within new or existing applications
  • Incrementally increase quality and reduce technical debt


We can embed this within your team minimising disruption and supporting adoption.