Solution Delivery

Excellence in solution delivery


Our team of consultants draw on the skills, disciplines and processes which underpin our Business Process Management (BPM) and Software Delivery Mastery (SDM) service offerings to design, develop and implement bespoke software solutions.


Today Centrum are leaders in the delivery of high profile projects for large and medium sized institutions. They include the design and development of complex customer service platform components, sophisticated integration solutions for both web-based and desktop applications and business critical transaction-based back office systems.


We help find innovative ways to deliver smarter and faster


Clients who partner with us for Solution Delivery are often dealing with project leadership, resourcing and capability constraints to meet the expectations of the business. Centrum helps you find innovative ways to deliver smarter, faster and realise the benefits to your business earlier.


Our experience includes working in various team structures including managing and collaborating with off-shore or outsourced team members and working remotely with off-shore based customers. We underpin the strength of individual skills with the use of leading industry-standard tools, techniques and methodologies (including Centrum’s Project Delivery methodology and Agile Practices where appropriate). We look to match quality and innovation with practical solution design and disciplined, repeatable delivery to deliver cost effectively for our clients.


Centrum Systems Solution Delivery services are characterised by:


  • a model which measures successful delivery against clear targets and drives towards desired business outcomes
  • a collaborative, iterative and incremental approach to software development
  • high performing delivery teams and individuals who use best of breed processes, practices and tools to optimise efficiency, quality and cost effectiveness
  • extensive experience across a range of projects including complex back office solutions and front-end portal and self-service solutions
  • the flexibility to work within your preferred team structure to deliver a component, phase or end to end project deliverable


The right mix of people, processes and technology


Our clients recognise the value in our ability to get started quickly and build momentum. We constantly build on our internal technology frameworks, practices and tools and look to re-use components and templates to support fast-start, high quality, cost-effective delivery.


We can help you deliver what is needed to your business stakeholders with the right people, the right technology choices and the right processes.