Agile Coaching

Centrum’s Agile Coaching uncovers what it really takes


The Agile approach to software delivery aims to match the operational agility demanded of business with the outcomes expected at the times they are needed. Centrum’s experience with Agile practices across both large corporates and small organisations has demonstrated that success depends on fitting Agile Practices into the existing ways organisations operate and govern. If this is not achieved long term sustainability becomes a challenge.


Centrum’s Agile Coaching approach uncovers what it really takes to impact organisations where Agile practices aren’t operating at the levels of effectiveness that we know are available.


Embed the right practices and enhance team performance 


As Agile Coach for our customers we start by leading teams through an iteration from planning to retrospective:


  • lead a planning workshop to create a set of user stories and demo cards
  • lead daily stand-ups; coach team members on managing the integrity of the task wall, the burndown and burn up charts and the impediments list
  • lead the reviews and retrospectives
  • distinguish for the team anything that is inconsistent in what is said or done with the behaviours agreed


Centrum’s Agile by Increments offering provides coaching for Agile practices and behaviours within an iteration and is then extended to a release and across multiple work streams:


Foundation Practices – Agile Iterations
Foundation Practices – Agile Releases
Foundation Practices – Agile Portfolios


Although Agile Practices should be simple, adopting them in the context of existing operational environments is not. Centrum’s services help to embed the right practices for your organisation within your teams and enhance team performance through mentoring and coaching interventions.