Our Approach

” We are focused on the disciplines and practices that support the right results” 

The Centrum approach is about principles and not fixed methodologies. Our core principles centre on incremental delivery and continual improvement  to us, continual improvement means always trying to do something better. Never settling.


Our approach is based on:

  • openness and transparency
  • collaboration and teamwork
  • a focus on how to deliver business benefit at the earliest opportunity
  • measuring results and feeding back


Since our inception, we have adopted aspects of Agile, Lean, and BPM where we believe they add value. We have successfully combined our approach with the preferred methodologies of our clients where this is required as part of governance or project office process.


This is the foundation of the Centrum approach to our  Business Process Management (BPM) and Software Delivery Mastery (SDM) offerings.



“Centrum continually meets our expectations and we will continue working with them. Their consultants are friendly, professional and responsive. They deliver solutions quickly prioritising deadlines. Their strengths are that they work closely with you and bring their expertise to execute effectively.”  Team Leader – Financial Services Client